See you in April 2022

April 7 ~ 8, 2022


About Zer0Con

Zer0Con is POC’s ‘CLOSED’ international security conference. It focuses on finding, analyzing, and exploiting vulnerabilities. Zer0Con aims to have high-level technical presentations.

∙ It is a high-level and closed conference.
∙ It only focuses on finding, analyzing, exploiting vulnerabilities.
∙ Only speakers, attendees, and sponsors will share vulnerabilities information.
∙ Zer0Con attendees can share various information and establish unique community.
∙ Training courses also focus on finding, analyzing, exploiting vulnerabilities.
∙ If you have certain level of ability to find bugs and make exploit code, you will improve yourself through Zer0Con.


Speakers of Zer0Con


Schedule of Zer0Con2022

April 7 ~ 8, 2022, Online

Once the schedule is confirmed, You can download a pdf version here.


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Zer0Con Training Course

The training courses of Zer0Con focus on bug hunting and exploitation.


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Archives of Zer0Con


The-K Hotel

Crystal Ballroom A, B Hall

This location is not confirmed yet. We will provide more detailed information once confirmed.


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If you have any questions, contact us.

(zer0con @ pocsec.com)

* We recommend you to use the pgp key (PGP KEY)

Also, we are looking for sponsors.
There are several benefits for sponsors, so please feel free to contact us.

(zer0con @ pocsec.com)

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